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Doctor’s Funny & Satirical Dig At People Who Google Diseases & Their Treatment Is Bang On


Doctor’s Funny & Satirical Dig At People Who Google Diseases & Their Treatment Is Bang On

Google, the largest search engine can answer many questions because nowadays almost all the information related to each subject or issue is available on the Internet but it doesn’t mean that Google can give you completely correct answer to each of your questions.

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While we can get our doubts related to many topics clarified on Google, we should refrain from searching information on Google if we face any medical issue because it is related to our health and we should be very careful regarding it so the best way to deal with medical issues is contacting a doctor. However, it has become a trend that whenever a person feels sick, the first thing he does is to surf Google and try to cure himself as per the information available. In most of the cases, things get out of control and the person has to contact the doctor but then they also share their diagnosis which they did with the help of Google.

The doctors certainly don’t like to hear such diagnosis and one doctor decided to take a strict step when he had enough of it.

Recently a tweet with an image of details of OPD charges of a doctor went viral for all the right reasons as he provided five options to his patients:

My diagnosis, my treatment – Rs. 200

My diagnosis, your treatment- Rs.500

Your Google doubts – Rs. 1000

Your diagnosis, my treatment – Rs. 1500

Your diagnosis, your treatment – Rs.2000

Twitterati could relate to it and this is how netizens reacted:










Do you also look on Google for the information and the cure whenever you feel sick?

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