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Donald Trump Didn’t Like His Photo On Book Cover!Twitterati Gave More Options!


Donald Trump Didn’t Like His Photo On Book Cover!Twitterati Gave More Options!

CNN writer Thomas Lake wrote a book called “Unprecedented” which explored every detail of the presidential elections of U.S.A. It contains all the details of every event that happened during the elections.

Donald Trump is an interesting kind of personality. He complains almost about everything, This is not the first time when he took up an issue like this on Twitter. He always have issues with everything going around him. This time he complained about the cover photo that was published on the Book. He tweeted about this and got trolled badly.

Let’s have a look at his tweet.

According to official website of CNN, The book “Unprecedented” contains every aspect of the fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It shows the journey of a billionaire and a reality TV star. It shows how two people with no military or government experiences fought presidential elections.

The funny part about this whole incident was that Trump didn’t criticise the content of the book. Instead, he had issues with photo of him which was used as cover for the book.

After the tweet of Donald trump and his “Worst Photo” remarks. Twitterati trolled him badly by tweeting some of the other options for worst photo.

Let’s have a look at some of the hilarious Tweets.

Did they use this one?

How about this one?

This one is pretty nice too!

Made in Russia!

I don’t think it’s bad!

Maybe it’s the worst!

Or this?


This one’s awesome too…

Happy New Year, President Trump!

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