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Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka Trump Heavily Trolled On Social Media For Endorsing A Brand


Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka Trump Heavily Trolled On Social Media For Endorsing A Brand

The USA President Donald Trump has the reputation of making statements which create controversies but this time he has created a controversy by indulging in promotions of Goya, a food brand.

The brand Goya was already trending on Twitter as many users wanted to boycott it in view of the fact that its CEO Robert Unanue praised the USA President Trump last week. Goya foods are liked by Latino Americans a lot and it is the biggest Hispanic owned company but the community feels that Donald Trump has a racist attitude towards them. Even a huge number of Americans feel that the government policies towards Hispanic community are discriminatory.

Donald Trump’s photo was posted on the social media handles in which he is seen smiling while sitting in his office with many Goya products displayed on his table.

Later, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka also promoted the brand and she was seen holding a can of black beans.

Ivanka Trump shared it on Twitter with the caption written in English and Spanish, “If it’s Goya, it has to be good. Si es Goya, tiene que ser bueno.”

Check out the tweet:

Netizens have slammed both father and daughter for marketing a food brand and some also say that it is the violation of United States Office of Government Ethics as per which the executive branch employees should not use their government positions for the purpose of marketing or promoting any organization, service, person or product.

Here are some of the selected tweets:
















The Americans are also not very happy with the manner in which the Trump government handled the coronavirus pandemic as more than 138K Americans have lost their lives till now and over 3.53 million have been registered as COVID-19 positive patients. The condition is so bad in the USA that 70K COVID-19 patients have been recorded yesterday only.

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