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Don’t Visit These 5 Worst Places In Japan


Don’t Visit These 5 Worst Places In Japan

When you arrive in Japan, you would be given advices and suggestions by travel guides to visit these ‘Must-see’ places. It is only after you visit these places you realize that they are just a waste of time. Keep reading about the worst places in Japan:


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This place is quite renowned for drawing in foreigner crowd. However, foreign tourists state that this place is not at all worth the money and time. It is just a good place for hooking up with other foreigners and getting together, nothing else.

2.Tokyo Disneyland

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Known for its superb atmosphere and impeccable services, this is definitely a great spot for people who visit Tokyo. However, tourists state that there are just big queues and waiting lines for rides. It doesn’t have a good reputation.

3.Imperial Palace

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This palace draws many foreign tourists. Although it is considered to be a popular tourist place, there is nothing to see there.

4.Sapporo Clock Tower

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When you go there, you might wonder why this place is considered to be popular as a tourist spot. Click photographs from outside but don’t dare go inside.


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Thinking about Japan, the 1st thing that would come to mind is ‘Tokyo’. Some tourists have given recommendations of avoiding this city. Tokyo doesn’t give a complete ‘Japan-Experience’.

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