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Elon Musk Has Recommended 80 Hour Work Weeks, Do You Agree?


Elon Musk Has Recommended 80 Hour Work Weeks, Do You Agree?

Elon Musk always seems to be in the spotlight for something or the other, be it his controversial comments or new developments in his company, Tesla. This time he has spoken up on what he thinks is the ideal working hours for an employee.

A post had claimed that Tesla was one of the most in demand employers in the Silicon Valley, despite or because of Elon Musk. Of course, he couldn’t hold his tongue after such a post, could he?

Instead, Musk said that companies like Tesla, Space X, Neuralink or Boring Company were meant for people who like to get things done, to accomplish something. Take a look:

This brought on questions from the Twitterati about how many hours a week a person should dedicate to work, according to Elon Musk? To this he replied,

This is quite significant keeping in mind that France recommends only 35 hour work weeks for all employers. But Musk is clearly of the opinion that you need to burn the midnight oil and grind your way to the top if you want to succeed.

He clarifies in another post that if you love and appreciate the work that you are doing, 80 hours should not feel like work at all. Here goes:

Of course this sparked an instant debate, with a large number of people protesting against such an idea. However, we ask you, if this is actually unreasonable on his part. For a company to succeed, every employee should be held accountable and should be willing to put in hard work.

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