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Elon Musk Launched Rocket & Americans Thought A UFO Landed. Twitter Flooded With Jokes


Elon Musk Launched Rocket & Americans Thought A UFO Landed. Twitter Flooded With Jokes

Sometimes there is a big difference between what we presume and what the reality is. Something similar happened when on Friday night, SpaceX, the space exploration company of Elon Musk, launched its Falcon Heavy rocket. It gave the shock of lifetime to many citizens as they felt that they have seen UFO. It is said that around 130 calls were made to 911 only from Los Angeles County.

Elon Musk also used this opportunity to play a joke on Twitter as he tweeted, “Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea”.

However, the truth is that Falcon Heavy was taking 10 satellites into the space and it was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. As per Elon, it was launched from the same NASA pad from which the Saturn V Apollo 11 moon rocket was launched.

Elon tweeted, “Falcon Heavy launching from same @NASA pad as the Saturn V Apollo 11 moon rocket. It was 50% higher thrust with five F-1 engines at 7.5M lb-F. I love that rocket so much.”

During the lift-off, the maximum thrust was 5.1 million pounds or 2300 metric tons.

A Twitter user enjoyed the alien debate that took among his family members. Thanking Elon Musk, he tweeted, “Big thanks to @elonmusk and @SpaceX for the hilarious alien debate that ensued between my family once we saw your rocket in the sky tonight”.

However, Elon used this as a chance to have some fun and he tweeted, “It was definitely aliens.”

For some it was a space sperm while one person joked, “It’s just Elon trying on the new Iron Man suit.”

In fact, one of the most popular shows, X-Files also tweeted, “We’re sending our top people to investigate the aliens.”

Here are some other tweets:







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