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Emirates Mistook Sushant To Be Dhoni! Sehwag Trolled Them In The Most Epic Way…

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Emirates Mistook Sushant To Be Dhoni! Sehwag Trolled Them In The Most Epic Way…

What makes us human, perhaps the mistakes that we commit in our lives. Social Media is a place where a person just can’t afford to commit a mistake as the penalty of it is just sheer ‘trolling’ for ages. Alia Bhatt knows that better. However, the master of trollers aka Virender Sehwag never leaves a single opportunity to troll anyone in a healthy manner.

When the news of M.S Dhoni quitting the captaincy hit the Internet, various new channels and social media pages shared the story at large. One such media house, ‘Emirates 24|7’ had tweeted this.

Apparently, the picture of M.S Dhoni was replaced by Sushant Singh Rajput and it seems like the editors of Emirates 24|7 definitely had a tough time in their office. Sushant Singh Rajput recently played the character of M.S Dhoni in his biopic and it is quite understandable the reason for this mistake. Virender Sehwag soon noticed this fault and trolled the ‘Emirates 24|7’ with this tweet.

That was indeed an amazing way to show them the mistake, however, the sarcasm and pun wasn’t suitable for a NEWS MEDIA WEBSITE but instead that would have been if Emirates 24|7 was an Airlines company.

Now, here is the catch, ‘Emirates 24|7’ is a media news website while the ‘Emirates’ is an airline company. Sehwag tweet was directed to the right account (News Media Website) but his message was dedicated to the wrong account (Airlines Website). Soon the Airline website, i.e ‘Emirates’ made a reply to Sehwag’s tweet and they made an even bigger mistake. They actually didn’t realize Virender Sehwag’s mistake and went ahead with this tweet.

Now all of this added to a big confusion, however, it was nice and funny to experience such a scenario where even the troller got trolled and the person who was trolled didn’t even notice it.

Have a look at people’s reaction.

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Sachin Tendulkar congratulates MS Dhoni

Just super

Morgan freeman is not Nelson mandela

Wasn’t that amazing? What are your views about his tweets and the whole scenario. Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

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