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England All-Rounder Ben Stokes Indulges In A Nasty Street Fight, Throws 15 Punches In A Minute


England All-Rounder Ben Stokes Indulges In A Nasty Street Fight, Throws 15 Punches In A Minute

England’s all-rounder cricketer Ben Stocks along with Alex Hales was not part of the 4th ODI against West Indies. The young England player was involved in a street brawl and was arrested by the police during the early hours of Monday. He was also set free the other day but had to remain in the city for investigation.

The news of Ben Stock being arrested for creating violence in drunken state spread like a wildfire and he was criticised by many former cricketers including Michael Vaughan and Nasser Hussain.

Video Goes Viral

Now the latest in the matter is that the video recording of the incident has gone viral which is set to increase the troubles for Stokes.

The video footage published by The Sun shows Ben Stock in very aggressive mode. He is seen throwing punches continuously at two men while Hales tries to hold him back by saying, “Enough, Stokes”.

Watch the video-

You can also watch the video directly here.

A witness told The Sun-

“I saw Stokes throw 15 punches in one minute. No wonder he broke a finger.”

The Video has been seen by England Cricket Board (ECB) and they have issued a statement saying the police will investigate the issue. The ECB spokesperson said-

“We have seen this footage for the first time tonight – when posted by The Sun. There is an ongoing Police investigation, which will look at all available evidence, and we do have to respect that process.”

Meanwhile, there is a doubt regarding Stokes’ selection for upcoming series Ashes. As per The Sun, It is not yet known if the England management will introduce curfews during the Ashes series, which begins in November.

England team director Andrew Strauss said-

“When things like this happen there’s always a moment to step back and go “do we do everything exactly right”.

He added-

“We’ll be looking at that but I still think our philosophy of treating players like adults is the right way to go.

He concluded with this statement-

“It is important players understand and recognise their responsibilities as international cricketers and what potential damage can be done to the England team and the sport.”

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