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What If These English Shows Were Made In India?

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What If These English Shows Were Made In India?

I am sure you’re one of those people who are tired and fed up of the Indian daily soaps. I mean seriously, it’s a torture in the name of entertainment. No wonder why most of the youth are into English TV shows. There in no comparison between the English TV shows and our Indian serials. A season spanning over 1000 episodes, where does it happen? Only in India! Incredible India. Some old formula of taking up a love story or a family drama, filled up with a plot that makes absolutely no sense at all. Using the slow motion sequences, dramatizing small things to waste your time. The worst part about these shows are they consider their viewers’ IQ to be zero, senseless plots, loud acting, unnecessary music effects, unrealistic characters, excessive melodrama stupid scenes, and yeah their bad habit of needless cliffhangers.

The youth loathe these TV shows, their love is English TV series like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad. The memorable characters of FRIENDS, the brilliant plot and story development of Game of Thrones, the visually stunning and beautiful Hannibal. We have all the reasons to put these shows superior to the Indian hot garbage we’re served in the name of television.

Let’s imagine Indian production houses making these English shows, sounds insane, right? It’d be damn funny, imagine Hannibal teaching everyone how to make 100 of dishes from a human body. Imagine B.P. Singh directing Sherlock! Or Far worse, imagine Breaking Bad to be produced by Balaji productions.

So let’s take a look at 10 English TV shows and how they would be like, if they were made in India.

1. The Flash

Bhaag Barry Bhaag

A boy whose mother got murdered in front of him and his dad sentenced for the murder he never committed. The girl he loves also friendzones him. This is a sad story. Hand over the idea to Ekta Kapoor and she’ll create a show that will top all the TRP charts.


Barry Allen gets superpowers and starts his training as a superhero under his mentor Harrison Wells. His purpose now is to protect his city and find the man who killed his mom. But wait, his very mentor who gave him the superpowers is the man who killed his mom. Imagine the surprise and twist when Barry comes to know it.




2. Supernatural

Jaan bachana, bhoot bhagana, parivarik pesha hai.

Forget Naagin and all the stupid horror shows, Supernatural is going to take over. After watching this show, people in India won’t fear ghosts, but will search for them and hunt them.



3. How I Met Your Mother

Prem Ki Ek Anokhi Kahani

Who can tell a love story better than our Indian TV serials! They’ll make the show epic by adding few extra characters like every main protagonist’s parents. Ted’s parents deciding the best girl for him.



4. The Walking Dead

 Duniya Badal Gayi Hai Yaaro….toh…..ab Maro Ya Maaro

The apocalyptic world overrun by the flesh-eating zombies. Now the Saas-Bahu and the family must fight together to survive.


5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Yaaro Dosti badi Hi Haseen hai

Let’s not ruin this masterpiece.



Because CID was too dumb

Imagine ACP Pradyuman and Sherlock joining forces to solve crimes and serve justice.

Salunkhe: Forensic report se pata chala hai ki iski maut 8-10 baje ke beech huyi hai.

Sherlock: Hmm iska murder 9 baje huya hai, kyuki iski ghadi tut gayi thi jab yeh gira aur ussi time pe aatak gayi.

ACP: Iska matlab Samjhe,Sherlock?

Sherlock: Kya?

ACP: 9 baje tak yeh zinda tha.


7. Game of Thrones

Ek Anant Gatha…Pyaar, Dhoke Aur Yudh Ki

This show has all the ingredients to be a hit. It has family, love, romance, war, politics, revenge, death. Although they have to change the ‘incest part’ and a lot more things..with less brutality and more sanskars.

Game of Thrones

8. Hannibal

Kyuki Swaad Badi Cheej Hai.

Forget Sanjeev kapoor, we bring to you the most charismatic psychiatrist and devilish Serial Killer, and a great chef Hannibal Lecter.


9. Breaking Bad

More like Breaking Back!

He’s the guy who teaches at school and sweeps the floors.


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