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This Epic Scene From Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Will Make You Go WTF. RIP Medical Science


This Epic Scene From Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Will Make You Go WTF. RIP Medical Science

The evening time is special for any family because after a long hectic day, everyone sits together to watch television shows for entertainment; however, the quality of these television serials have gone so down that they have started torturing us rather than giving some moments of relaxation and amusement.

Serial makers just want to increase the TRPs of their shows and they don’t mind adding illogical sequences if their purpose is solved. For example, we have already seen the female lead of “Sasural Simar Ka” turning into a fly or fighting with a peacock that can change its appearance as per its wish and what not.

If this was not enough, the makers of the show entitled “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” have shown something which can make Indian doctors commit suicide.

In this scene, Ishita, the lead female character of the show, is lying on the autopsy table and the doctors are about to dissect her.

However, Ishita is not dead; she is paralysed by an injection and not able to make any movement. The poor lady is trying to tell the doctors that she is alive but as she can’t speak, she is just speaking in her mind, bursting her emotions out on the viewers and making us feel guilty for watching such stuff.

The worst part is that she is surrounded by experts but they are not able to ascertain that she is alive. However, there is one condition called Lazarus Syndrome in which the person can be assumed to be dead as pulse doesn’t run but the person can wake up alive after few hours.

One twitter user wasn’t able to take this torture alone, so she decided to give pain to other online users as well.

She shared the video with caption, “I hate Star Plus 😂😂 THE DOCTORS THINK ISHITA IS DEAD BUT SHE’S ACTUALLY PARALYSED 😂 they’re about to do an autopsy on her and she’s trying to tell them to stop (in her head cos she can’t speak) listen to the last bit pls LMFAO”

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Twitterati couldn’t stop laughing and reacting after watching the video. Here are few selected tweets:

RIP medical science:

These creative minds….

High on what?

How to be a doctor in 11 days?

Need my precious time back:

Star Plus has become a comedy channel:

This doctor is the production of Ekta hospital:

I mean seriously? 😀

Ye bhi copy nikla:

Hilarious 😀

Solid insult:

Yes, they must be!

Doctors should have hurried in cutting her open so that we would have been saved but this can’t happen as there are many who love these illogical serials and because of those people, the makers of such serials are taking creative liberty of fooling all of us.

The above lines are written in a funny tone and we request readers not to get offended after reading them.

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