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Have You Ever Wondered Why IPhones Are Costly In India Than Other Countries?


Have You Ever Wondered Why IPhones Are Costly In India Than Other Countries?

The mobile manufacturers are coming up with new models of smartphones having new added features on a regular basis in order to attract customers but there is no doubt that buying an iPhone is a dream of many Indian smartphone users which goes unfulfilled due to its high price. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that India is one of the most expensive countries when it comes to buying iPhones.

Price of iPhones in India:

iPhone 8 and 8 plus have already been launched on 29th September while iPhone X will be launched on November 3. Now if we talk about the price of iPhone X, its 64 GB version will be priced at $999 and 256 GB version at $1149 in USA which can be termed as the cheapest price all over the world. iPhone X is the most expensive in Russia as for its 64 GB version, customers need to pay ₽79,990 or $1,390.30 and India is going to be the second expensive with $1376.96 (Rs. 89,000).

Why are iPhones so costly in India?

Have you ever given a thought as to why iPhones are so costly in India? In fact, the amount which an Indian pays for an iPhone, he can take his family of 4 for a small vacation with that money.

Here are some reasons for an iPhone being costly in India:

Tax structure:

The tax structure is one of the reasons that iPhones are expensive in our country. The mobile manufacturers who operate from outside India need to pay the import duties and then cater to the taxes of Central government as well as the state government. They are compelled to increase the prices to earn profit and hence in the end, it is the customer who pays more for the same thing which he could have got at a low price, provided that there were not so many taxes.

Weaker Indian currency:

One of the reasons for costly iPhone is that Indian currency is weaker in comparison to American dollar and the lower value of currency ends up higher cost of iPhone.

Third Party Involvement:

Apple doesn’t have any store here in India and presently, it is selling through third-party electronic stores and resellers. This increases the price of iPhone as Apple needs to pay these third-parties their share as well.

Manufacturing in India

As Indian government is promoting “Make in India”, if Apple sets up a manufacturing plant in India, it will result in low prices for customer as the import duties on imported mobiles is pretty high.

Don’t you think that Apple should think of doing something to reduce the prices of iPhones? Let us know your views!

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