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Ever Wondered Why Phone Cover Turns Yellow After Some Time? Here’s The Reason


Ever Wondered Why Phone Cover Turns Yellow After Some Time? Here’s The Reason

The smartphones have become an integral part of our lives because now they are used for not only calling or messaging purposes but also various other things such as for financial transactions, taking selfies, watching videos, sending emails, for office work, and a lot more. In simple words, our smartphone is just like a member of our family because it has become the first thing that we check in the morning. We also can’t ignore the fact that smartphones are pretty costly nowadays so we need to protect them as well and this is why most of us use phone cases or covers.

But have you ever noticed that these phone cases turn yellow as they get old or after being used for a long time?

There is a very simple reason behind it, this happens because these phone cases are usually made from a polymer called silicone which is not only cheap but flexible as well. Phone cases turn yellow because silicone turns yellow as it gets exposed to light, heat and chemicals. In other words, this process of turning yellow is a sign which shows that the material is degrading.

There are some methods of cleaning the phone case after it starts turning yellow such as washing it with dish soap or baking soda and you can also use alcohol for this purpose. These methods are not completely effective but at least your phone case will get cleaned and disinfected.

If nothing works, most probably it is the time for you to purchase a new mobile case as your smartphone may not look nice in the yellow phone case.

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