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Every Engineer Will Relate To This. Each Semester Has Something To Say


Every Engineer Will Relate To This. Each Semester Has Something To Say

The life before Engineering and after Engineering is different. But the living the life of an engineering student is a tad bit like “Trolled Life”. Each B.Tech, M.Tech student will relate to this, either because they are going through it or they have passed these stage. Whatever be the scenario, live this moments MAN, because they aren’t coming back dude!!

It is in between the semester that you have to survive. Here are a few tips on how to be tipsy and get through the years and semesters

1. Jaake ke Apne Medal Bech Do Beta, Come to the Real Mean World


2. C’mon, who wants to stay single in the most tiring years of life


3. You survive 3rd Sem, thanks to all that’s Hippie & Nomadic Things


4.Frustration and Boredom Level 4.4.4.O


5.By this time, Would-be Engineers have already banged their heads


6. Times seem to have Stuck & F**K here


PS: No Offence to any Engineer or Would be Engineer, but let your soul be in Peace. 😀 😀

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