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Everything You Should Know About PM Modi’s New Air India One.!!


Everything You Should Know About PM Modi’s New Air India One.!!

Air India One is the official aircraft of Prime Minister and the President of India. There are 3 such aircraft presently. These are operated as VIP flights by Indian Air Force (IAF) which are maintained and run by India’s national airline – Air India.

The present Air India One is the old model ageing Boeing 747 variant and has fewer protection systems. PM Modi who is a constant traveller and who holds meetings while flying needs to have some extra bit of protection. So, the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is all set to finalise the deal for 2 new Boeing 777-300s which are the advanced type of aircraft with the latest technology built-in.



The new Boeing 777-300 will be renamed as Air India One and it looks much similar to that of US President Barack Obama’s Air Force One. The aircraft can dodge an enemy radar and can also strike back in case of an air attack because it is made up of a special radar-absorbing metal – said Prashant Dixit, a defence analyst.


Following are the specifications of Modi’s new Air India One:

  • The refuelling facility in the air in case of emergency.
  • Aircraft can dodge enemy radars.
  • Can accumulate food for 2000 people.
  • Designed and equipped with the latest communication facilities.
  • It has 19 TV sets.
  • It can withstand rocket attack and grenade.
  • It will have special rooms for official work and bedroom.
  • It has anti-missile defence systems.
  • Availability of doctors at any instant of time while it is flying.
  • It has advanced defence systems which include missile approach warning systems and radar warning receivers.
  • It has 24×7 broadband, telecom and radio connections.
  • It also has an operating theatre for emergency purpose.


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