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What Exactly Your Life Would Be If There Will Be No Whatsapp?


What Exactly Your Life Would Be If There Will Be No Whatsapp?

What exactly your life would be if there will be no Whatsapp?
Social media has made our life easier than before. We are really thankful to the people who founded an app like WhatsApp. We can send and receive lots of things for free. All you need is a good internet connection. But have you ever thought about what will be your life if there is no WhatApp? So, let’s check out.

1) You will something is missing in your life.

You have spent hours on chatting with your friends. If WhatsApp is gone, you just don’t know what to do with your life.

2) No more meaningless and forceful conversation.

Whenever a creep messages you on WhatsApp, you have a single option to reply it back ‘hi’.

3) There will be no beep or vibration on the phone.

At least your phone and fingers can rest for now.

4) You are free from those annoying groups.

You will feel like a free bird when you get free for family and friends group.

5) You will have more face-to-face conversation rather than on WhatsApp.

The virtual world has trapped our relationship. Try to get out from it.

6) You have more time to do things for yourself.

After uninstalling WhatsApp, you will have a lot of time to do for the betterment of yourself.

7) You might not get information about the test and assignments.

With its drawbacks, WhatsApp is the fastest way to communicate. So, it will become difficult to stay updated.
Have you ever experienced a day without WhatsApp? Share your feelings.

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