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Facebook Launched A Dating Application To Help You Find Your Better Half


Facebook Launched A Dating Application To Help You Find Your Better Half

Facebook is not just a social media platform to stay connected with your friends and family or keeping you updated about every news happening all around the globe.

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Facebook has played a pivotal role in the love life of several users over the years. Many people have found their soulmates through Facebook when no such dating apps existed. At times we would stalk the facebook account of our crush just to keep updated about his life and to make us feel good.

Recently Facebook made headlines after it launched a brand new feature known as Secret Crush.

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Secret Crush will be dating at the public level and is available only in 19 countries around the world. In this feature, you will get to select at least 9 of your friends on whom you have a secret crush and if they also use the application then they’ll receive a notification as someone anonymous has a crush on her/him and you’re identity won’t be revealed at first.

If they also list you as their crush then you two will receive a match notification.

Well, one of the features of secret crush makes it different from Tinder is they will offer the users the opportunity to meet in real life rather than depending on the apps. When the user will log into the application they will see different events and patches recommended by the app for its user based on their personality. People can go out to the events and meet people before even knowing each other and later can start talking.

The application provides privacy to its user and it promises that friends and family won’t be aware that you are using the Dating app, even if they are friends with you on Facebook.

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