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Fan Asked Adah Sharma To Kiss Him Because She Kisses In Films. She Refused & Twitter Trolled Her

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Fan Asked Adah Sharma To Kiss Him Because She Kisses In Films. She Refused & Twitter Trolled Her

The problem with cinema fans is that they get way too carried away with the character they see onscreen. All this while, they often forget that there’s a fine difference between that character and the actor/actress who is playing it.

Bollywood’s beautiful actress Adah Sharma recently faced a similar problem when a fan demanded a kiss from her. When she refused, he got angry.

It was a live interaction between Adah & her fans when a fan asked to kiss him on the cheeks. After getting a straight ‘No’, he couldn’t digest it and said when you kiss four hours in films then why can’t you kiss me.

Following this, she was trolled on Twitter too. Adah Sharma therefore decided to hit back and came up with a strong response. In a series of tweets, she lashed out the creepy thought process. Take a look-

I have never had a twitter outburst in the 3 yrs that I’ve been on twitter but accusations of “being insulted” for not being given a “HARMLESS KISS” have provoked me. I speak for a lot of girls here when I say the following …

A kiss for me isn’t harmless!You say “what’s the big deal” well who are u to decide what deal is big and small for me?Deals aside,I want to choose who I exchange saliva with or whose cheeks/other parts I plant my lips on! Or who I want to make eye contact with too.(Male/female)

Further sending out a stern warning, she said-

She added-

I might expose my knees and elbows and OMG! I showed off my spine and my shoulders too! But that doesn’t mean I’m expected to have any physical contact with any human under complultion.(Physical contact could even be handshakes btw.)

Bhavana Reddy kissed in a public place in Commando2, Hayaati had a 1 hr 45 minute kiss in Heartattack but I’m Adah Sharma am NOT THEM!!!i’m happy my performances convince you that I am these people but the real me reacts,dresses,breathes,lives differently

P.s. I love boys, men and i have nothing against the male gender of all species.I have some wonderful men in my life my dad, grandad,friends,directors, actors I’ve worked with.This isn’t an anti men thing 🙂

Didn’t need to.because when he asks me for a kiss in Heartattack I slap him. We kiss only when I choose to go to the venue and kiss him.but since Ur connecting movie characters to real life… I was possessed in 1920 and I killed people at night..just saying!:)

This is how Twitterati reacted-







She also talked about the incident during a recent interaction with TOI. Here’s what she said-

It happened when I was in Mumbai, waiting to catch a flight to Goa. Before boarding my flight, a live interaction with my fans who had come from different cities was arranged. It was there that this 30-plus, married man asked me to kiss him publicly. His audacity to ask me to kiss him was shocking enough. But even after I said ‘NO’, he had the gall to ask me, ‘Why? You kissed in Commando 2 and also had a 1-hour-45-minute kiss in Heart Attack. I’m like your brother or father — what’s the big deal? I’m asking to kiss me on my cheeks’.

She further added-

“I’m usually a very positive person and I stay away from controversy so, I didn’t react or say much else at that time. I thought there were so many other amazing fans there, who had come all the way from so many cities just to meet me. By reacting or creating a scene there, I didn’t want to ruin their experience. But later, when my friends saw my outburst on Twitter and read about the incident online, everyone asked me why I didn’t slap the shameless guy.”

Now what do you think about this?

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