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A Fan Messaged He Will Kill Gurmeet Choudhary Or Commit Suicide. The Actor Tackled Him In Best Way

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A Fan Messaged He Will Kill Gurmeet Choudhary Or Commit Suicide. The Actor Tackled Him In Best Way

Fans are simply crazy for their favourite celebrities and some of them can go to any extent to express their love for the star or meet them. SRK’s “Fan” showcases a fan’s obsession for his superstar and in real life too, we have stumbled upon such incidents that depict fans’ craze.

There have not been many days when a female fan transferred her property on Sanjay Dutt’s name. And how can we forget about the woman who entered Salman’s house with a knife and threatened the “Sultan” star that she would kill herself if he didn’t accept her as his wife!

In recent times, actor Gurmeet Choudhary also had to face an unfavourable situation when a random fan blackmailed him that he would either kill Gurmeet or end his own life.

Gurmeet tweeted few chat screenshots of torturing messages along with the pic of the fan. The actor also requested people not to resort to such antics and wrote,

“Am receiving concerned calls nd msgs from fans all over that some person wants to commit suicide to prove his fandom!! But I request I love you all and care but this kind of behaviour is loathed extremely as well as creates trauma. Apparently this guy in the pic wants to kill me.”

Check out the pics:





Here’s his tweet:

Admiring someone doesn’t mean surrendering your life to them or made their lives hell. We hope that fans will understand this and act accordingly.

UPDATE: Now Mumbai cops have come to Gurmeet’s rescue and here’s what they said,

“We have followed you. Please share your contact on DM for us to speak with you and help you further.”

He thanked cops for aid and the investigation is going on.

Reportedly, the crazy fan alleged that Gurmeet owned him Rs. 11 lakh. The actor lodged an FIR against him with Goregaon police and we hope that the matter will be resolved soon.


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