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Fan Wished To Meet Anil Kumble But Didn’t Have Courage. What Kumble Did Is Heart-Winning


Fan Wished To Meet Anil Kumble But Didn’t Have Courage. What Kumble Did Is Heart-Winning

The legendary former Indian cricketer Anil Kumble is one of the most talented spinners that India has produced. His immense dedication, devotion and commitment towards the game have made him a source of immense inspiration for many budding cricketers. What is more surprising is that even after being such a famous personality, he is a very humble human being.

He is not very active on social media but recently when he was active, he made a fan very happy.

It so happened that a fan of Kumble was on the same flight (BLR-MUM) in which the cricketer was travelling but she didn’t have the courage to walk to him and say ‘Hi’. The name of the fan’s Twitter handle is Sohini and she took to Twitter to express her love and respect for the cricketer:

“The legendary anilkumble1074 in my BLR-MUM flight. Glanced at him once and was reminded of that game in West Indies where he bowled with a bandaged jaw. Teared up a bit. Gawwddd, I’m such a sucker for cricket memories. 😭”

In another tweet, she wrote:

“I want to go up to anilkumble1074 and say a ‘Thank You’ for all the joy, all the victories, all the memories. But, I am getting cold feet.”

Guess who noticed her tweets? None other than Anil Kumble! He replied:

“Please feel free to come over and say hi after take off Mittermaniac”

This was a dream come true moment for the fan and she didn’t miss the chance of meeting her favorite cricketer. She also tweeted the image of the boarding pass on which she took Kumble’s autograph.

She tweeted:

“Will have to get a boarding pass framed now. Thank you, anilkumble1074. Someday I want to learn humility from you.”

Well, glimpses of greatness can be seen in such small acts of the legend!

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