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How far is it just and right to take action against AIB Knockout?


How far is it just and right to take action against AIB Knockout?

We encounter thousands or even millions of people who are not in favor of the well known comedy show AIB Knockout and hastily want to put a ban on it. But is it really fair to prohibit the telecast of a show referring to it as ‘national shame’ and that too in India, a country where citizens are die-hard fans of Honey Singh’s raps and saas-bahu serials? If you just take a look at any of his raps, you will find it full of vulgarity and obscene stuff.

And if we talk of saas-bahu daily soaps, their regular viewers criticize and condemn them and even in that case, they don’t miss a single episode of such shows, watching which has been no more than a waste of time. But they are being telecasted, watched and loved by public for years and will continue to be. Well, these are minor issues but just look at the discrimination made against north easterners and our great politicians who shamelessly make such disgraceful statements when a girl is raped or pass orders to compel any couple found on Valentine’s Day to get married and advice or more or less instruct people to have 5 kids. Shouldn’t these things be banned first in our country?

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