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Farhan Commented On Petrol Hike And Got Trolled. He Told Trollers Aur Man Laga Ke Troll Karo

Farhan Commented On Petrol Hike And Got Trolled. He Told Trollers Aur Man Laga Ke Troll Karo RVCJ Media

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Farhan Commented On Petrol Hike And Got Trolled. He Told Trollers Aur Man Laga Ke Troll Karo

The hike of petrol prices has made everyone worry in India. The rising expenses of everything has become a major topic of debate. People are criticising the government because during election campaigns it promised to bring the prices down and the outcome has been opposite.

Bollywood star Farhan Akhtar also took to Twitter to criticise the government’s approach of raising the petrol prices.

Posting a strong tweet, he suggested that the prices can be brought down. At the same time, he also asked to tell if he is wrong. He wrote-

₹84 per litre mubarak to you and your loved ones.
Actual cost I believe is ₹31, based on info i could find online (do correct me if I’m wrong, happy to learn) .. the rest are central & state taxes, cess & commissions. Just so you know that the price can be brought down.

His tweet didn’t go well with Twitterati and he got trolled for it. Farhan continued to reply to trolls in his next tweets. Have look-

Welcome sir… We the citizen of this country accept it… But. R THOSE TICKETS OF MULTIPLEX AND POPCORN AND COLD DRINKS REALLYY 150 OR 200 Rs ????? Plz enlighten me on it….
If a doctor charges consulting fee 500-750 it’s too much ???? HAINA ??? #BASELESSQUETIONS

Farhan replied by saying-

Please don’t buy the ticket or the popcorn. It’s not an essential commodity and it will not raise the price of vegetables and food grain in days to come. High fuel prices will.

Another one said-

Yeah. Weren’t you the guy who was shouting yourself hoarse against the Mumbai Metro? Try taking public transport once in a while. You want cheap fuel to drive your SUVs around?

Farhan replied-

You’re memory fails you. I’m not against the Metro at all. Never was. However, I do feel the shed doesn’t need to be in Aarey and destroy hectares of green cover that our city desperately needs. @saveaarey

A user named Barkha Tiwari wrote-

Sir would you tell me, increasing costs of petrol and diesel would curb the pollution or increase it ? Wht s more important thn reducing pollution, as recently Kanpur was listed as most polluted city in the world & many more from India. People of India need to learn civic sense.

He replied-

U r right that pollution is a major concern & yes there should be a serious push to get India moving towards hybrid & electric tech. Also, levying hefty fines on emission level flouters & preserving green cover is crucial. Currently, fuel price hikes have burdening ripple effects

A user named Sidharth Goswami said-

Sir if every Indian start paying all direct and indirect Taxes with Full honesty than Govt don’t have to collect through Fuel. By the way it is well known fact that Bollywood is biggest source for generating and consuming black money

Farhan Akhtar replied-

Yes it’s all Bollywood’s money lying in those Swiss banks that we await the return of with bated breath. 🙄 You are so naive..
And maybe you should research how many Bollywood people pay their taxes apart from generate entertainment tax for most states.

There were few others who trolled Farhan. Have a look-




The debate continued for long and Farhan Akhtar closed it with this last tweet-

Ok trolls .. I have a life beyond twitter so I must go. Enjoy your day.. aur mann laga ke trolling karna… #prideofjob .. Bye.

Must say this was a classic end to the whole debate. What say?

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