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Fashion Brand Sells ‘Nandu Ka Patte Wala Kachcha’ For Rs 15K, Twitter Goes Crazy


Fashion Brand Sells ‘Nandu Ka Patte Wala Kachcha’ For Rs 15K, Twitter Goes Crazy

The trends in the fashion industry change very quickly as fashion brands love to come up with new products every now and then but sometimes they surprise or rather shock us with their products as well as with their prices.

If you remember, some time back a brand came up with trousers made up of the material which is used for making jute bags, another brand launched jeans with grass stains on it, some other brand came up with a chair purse which was so tiny that it just could not store anything while another brand launched necklace made of telephone cord, etc. What made these products attract more attention was their whopping prices which made them the talk of social media.

Now a Twitter user has shared the photo of shorts (or should we say underwear?) priced at Rs. 15K approx. These shorts are pretty similar to what Indian men used to wear in old times and they were purchased at very low price in comparison to what the company has quoted. In fact, even if today we have to purchase such shorts, then also we can get them at a very cheap rate from the market in comparison to what the company is demanding.

Here is the screenshot which has been shared by the Twitter user:

The caption on the tweet read, “Why is this pattapatti trouser 15k?”

If you remember, Nandu (the character played by Shakti Kapoor) in the movie “Raja Babu” starring Govinda and Karisma Kapoor in lead roles used to wear such ‘Patte Wala Kachcha’. Yes, you got it right!

The tweet went viral for obvious reasons and this is how netizens reacted to it:











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