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Fed Up Of Teenage Son’s Addiction For Phone & Adult Films, Father Chops Off His Hand


Fed Up Of Teenage Son’s Addiction For Phone & Adult Films, Father Chops Off His Hand

The youngsters of today are getting much addicted to smartphones and thanks to technological advancement, the smartphones are no less than laptops nowadays. What’s more, cheap Internet has increased their usability in a manifold manner.

However, this is not going down well with most of the parents but a 45-yr man from Hyderabad crossed all the limits of cruelty when his son didn’t listen to his warnings of reducing the use of smartphone.

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On Monday, a butcher named Mohammad Qayyum Qureshi chopped off his 18-yr old son’s right hand (between wrist and elbow) because he didn’t like that his son used to watch movies, especially adult films on his mobile. The name of the son is Mohammad Khalid Qureshi and he worked with a local cable TV operator as an assistant.

The incident took place in Jalpalli colony in Pahadi Shareef area of the old city and Qayyum surrendered in the police station after committing the crime.

Police inspector P Lakshmikanth Reddy of Pahadi Shareef police station said,

“The father has been booked under section 307 of Indian Penal Code (attempt to murder) and taken into custody. The son has been rushed to a private hospital nearby.”

As per police, Qayyum has two sons and two daughters and Khalid is the elder son. He purchased a smartphone recently and became addicted to watching adult movies. Qayyum warned him many times and asked him to stop watching but Khalid ignored all his warnings.

On Sunday, the father-son duo had an argument when Qayyum caught Khalid red-handed watching an adult film. He tried to take the phone from him but Khalid bit his father’s hand and left the home, declaring that he would not be coming back ever again. But in the late night, Khalid returned when everyone was off to sleep.

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Police official told,

“On Monday morning, both father and son quarrelled on the same issue again. In a fit of anger, Qayyum picked up the butcher’s knife and chopped off Khalid’s right hand. Hearing the son’s screams, the other family members came and immediately took him to a nearby hospital, where the doctors said the hand was 90% severed and the chances of restoring it are bleak.”

The father has taken the matter too far as now Khalid will have to survive with one hand only.

This matter could have been solved by showing some more patience and maturity. What do you say?


Cover Photo by David Kennedy on Unsplash

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