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Finally Hrithik Broke His Silence On ‘Kaabil’ V/S ‘Raees’ Clash! Here’s What He Has To Say….

Finally Hrithik Broke His Silence On 'Kaabil' V/S 'Raees' Clash! Here's What He Has To Say.... RVCJ Media

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Finally Hrithik Broke His Silence On ‘Kaabil’ V/S ‘Raees’ Clash! Here’s What He Has To Say….

Clashes are very common in B-Town and every now and then, we see 2 or more flicks sharing the same release date.

These clashes don’t prove to be favorable always; there are times when just 1 movie gets an edge over the other. Now, when 2 movies with BIG star cast release on the same day, it creates a risky situation for both, as nothing can be predicted.

Recently, there have too many speculations about the clash of ‘Raees’ and ‘Kaabil’, which would hit the big screens on the Republic Day weekend. On one side it is Hrithik’s charm and on the other side it is SRK’s huge fan base. Too tough to predict who will win, right?


To avoid clashes with other bigwigs, SRK kept postponing the release date of ‘Raees’ but unfortunately, there was no option left but to clash with Hrithik’s ‘Kaabil’ on the Republic Day weekend.

Now, when we talk of clashes, Rakesh Roshan has a very good heart. Clashing at the Box Office intentionally, in spite of having other release dates is totally against his ethics.


Mr. Roshan proved his goodness by postponing the release date of his movie ‘Krrish’ 4. Remember we had reported about Rakesh shifting his movie release just because SRK had already booked the Christmas 2018 date for ‘Bandhua’ well in advance?

Well, this gesture might be a hint for SRK to shift ‘Raees’ to another date just because the release date of Kaabil was decided first. But it seems SRK is not going to bother about this; he prefers staying firm over his decision.

Now, Hrithik Roshan broken his silence on this matter and said “I guess dad felt it wrong to usurp a date that another colleague had already announced.” Doesn’t it look as if he has taken a sly dig at SRK just because he isn’t ready to shift the release date or ‘Raees’?


Further he adds “I can’t judge other people’s ethics. I must travel my own path guided by values instilled in me and allow others to travel theirs.”

Not only this, Hrithik also admits that the collections of both the movies would be hampered due to this clash. Talking about destiny, Hrithik says;

“Both films will suffer a little. But both can also do well enough if the content is good. If it’s in your destiny to succeed, nobody can take it away. Likewise, with failure.”


Junior Roshan states that ‘Kaabil’ was already announced in Feb last year and suddenly ‘Raees’ announcing the same release date is not ethical.

Only time will tell which movie would succeed and which movie would take a backseat. Which film do you think would be more successful? Do drop in your views in our comments section below.

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