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Find Where You Last Kept Or Lost Your Android Phone With The Help Of Google Maps


Find Where You Last Kept Or Lost Your Android Phone With The Help Of Google Maps

Life has become so easier with the advanced technology but if we misplace our phone and cannot locate it, everything becomes so dreadful. Actually we have become so habituate with the usage of phone that we literally get worried when we lose or cannot trace it.

But now this tension will also end, as with technology advancing day by day, you can now trace where you kept your phone last or where did your phone got stolen and currently where it is with just the help of Google Maps. According to a Google Plus post by the company, you can get Google to ring the smartphone for you or get a view on Google Map to see where you’ve forgotten the smartphone.

You have to just type “Find my phone” in Google Search Bar and it will locate the place where your phone presently is. Moreover, there is also the option to ring your phone in case if the phone is misplaced somewhere at home. But once you click on the ring option, the smartphone will ring for five minutes. The only criteria to get this working is that the GPS of your phone always be On and the phone itself should be switched on for Google to register and trace its location.

Now this is something really interesting and is a sigh of relief for many?

I have lost my phone so many times, just wish if this was invented before 🙂
Nonetheless, better late than never!

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