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Five Most Trolled Celebrities In India

Five Most Trolled Celebrities In India RVCJ Media


Five Most Trolled Celebrities In India

A celebrity always attracts with him a huge fan following. With so many followers there will always be people who will hate you or saying in a more real tone won’t resonate with your thoughts.

There is bound to be difference of opinions, likings and disliking and a lot of trolling. This is a trend everywhere in the world and so in India.

While some celebrities are just trolls, others are roasted. Here is a list of five of the most trolled celebrities in India.

1) Salman Khan.
Five Most Trolled Celebrities In India RVCJ Media
Salman Khan a.k.a. Bhai of Bollywood has been in the news and on people’s tweets for too many reasons. He has faced controversy regarding relationship with various actresses, killing black buck, allegations of driving over people on footpath and what not.

The web is filled with trolls of Salman Khan Doing round every other day. Whatever he does attract huge love, hatred and trolls.

2) Akshay Kumar.
Five Most Trolled Celebrities In India RVCJ Media
One of the most hardworking actors of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar is also a regular among Indian trolls. Whether it is about doing huge number of movies in a single year or about his Canadian citizenship, Akshay is trolled widely.

His various cuts in Phir Hera Pheri are used in making memes, sometimes against him. His choice of films like Mission Mangal, Padman also attract many trolls.

3) Sanjay Manjrekar.
Five Most Trolled Celebrities In India RVCJ Media
This is a guy who deserves to be trolled. People learn from their mistakes and become mature and start understanding things better but Sanjay is not among them.

His love for the cricketers from Mumbai, his comments on Ravindra Jadeja when he called him a bits and pieces cricketer and was then humiliated publicly all taught him nothing.

He went on to take a jibe at the best cricket commentator in the world, “Harsha Bhogle”, saying that he needs to ask the players everything as he has not played any cricket.

All these comments made in bad faith bring a lot of trolls to Mr. Manjrekar and no one knows when he will learn from it.

4) Anushka Sharma.
Five Most Trolled Celebrities In India RVCJ Media
Being a high prolific actress and the wife of the world’s best cricketers is bound to attract a lot of people to comment on everything you do.

Anushka Sharma has been targeted by many on the accounts of influencing team selection and breaking the BCCI policies but none have been proven right.

It takes a strong character to stand up to these trolls and how graciously Anushka Sharma handles her troll is in itself a great example.

5) Rahul Gandhi.
Five Most Trolled Celebrities In India RVCJ Media
Referred by many as Pappu, Rahul Gandhi, one of the major political leaders of congress party, is a daily material for trolls.

Sometimes because of his own comments and sometimes because of the under achievements of his party, Rahul Gandhi is trolled very badly.

Being a political leader at such a high position is not a very easy job, it has a lot of pressure and crumbling under this pressure is bound to get the attention of trolls.

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