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Five Things From School Days We All Miss


Five Things From School Days We All Miss

You see a kid on the street walking in uniform clutching water bottle in hand, handkerchief pinned to his shirt, all you can think of is 1) How cute he is! 2) How much you miss school.

Yes. When we were children, we all wanted to grow up and be adults. If only we had known adult life would be like this  🙁 Tiffin ke dabbe, crayons, PE period oh! Nostalgic already? Here, we list five things that we all miss from our school days.

 1. Going to school


Obviously. Of all things, this is what we miss the most. Those simple days of homework and unit tests, annual day and parades 🙁 If deadlines weren’t met then, our teachers would chide is a little and throw us out of class may be, but we would never be at the fear of getting fired. As much as we hated waking up to go to school, wouldn’t we all choose it over running to be a corporate slave? *sigh*

 2. PE Period


Was it only us or PE period geared all of us into fitness regimes? The monkey bars and swings, dodge ball, lock and key and mass PT. Oh and comical movements of mass PT. Squats were gross back then, weren’t they? 😉

3. Annual Days

annual day

Okay, we have mixed feelings here. While some of us got to be princes and princesses, many of us were trees with no dialogues, or the Sun. Annual days were so much fun or torture, depending on your drama quotient. Who hasn’t danced for Jingle Bells Jingle Bells or I’m a barbie girl? How we wish we knew the lyrics back then!

 4. Imposition Writing


“I will not talk in class”

“I will not talk in class”

“I will not talk in class”
*something illegible by the time you reach 26th time*

So every time you made noise in class, or was supremely naughty, your teacher would impose the repetitive affirmation writing on you. Isn’t it so much better a punishment than the ones we receive now, that most often leave scars?

 5. Slam Books

Oh the glory of slam books! Every academic year end meant a few of the friends leaving school to go to other schools, because their parents were transferred, or they changed their residence and so. That meant treasuring the sweet memories in slam books. “Don’t ever change” “Friends forever” “BFF”. To make this process of slam booking easier, we now have Slam Book. Click below to download:-

Download SlamBook from Google Play


It’s a super simple app that makes sharing and storing memories that much easier. All you have to do is:

a. Login
b. Set up your Slambook account
c. Invite your friends – they’ll fill up the Slambook
d. Now you can read what your friends think about you
e. That is so beautiful 🙂

Go ahead and download the app. It has a rating of 4.8 which, is amazing.

Let us know what you think.

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