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Former Bigg Boss Contestant Payal Rohatgi Predicted The Name Of The Winner & It’s Not Shilpa

Former Bigg Boss Contestant Payal Rohatgi Predicted The Name Of The Winner & It’s Not Shilpa RVCJ Media

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Former Bigg Boss Contestant Payal Rohatgi Predicted The Name Of The Winner & It’s Not Shilpa

Bigg Boss 11 is the most controversial and interesting seasons of the popular reality show and not many days are left to know the name of the winner. As we know that only four contestants are left in the house – Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Puneesh Sharma and Vikas Gupta, there’s much excitement among viewers as far as the winner is concerned.

Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan have been among the most famous and strongest celebrity contestants and many people are of the opinion that Shilpa deserves to be the winner of the reality show. Even though Hina’s fan following might be higher than that of Shilpa when she entered Bigg Boss 11, she gradually lost respect and fans due to her antics inside the house.

Payal Rohatgi, an actress and contestant of Bigg Boss season 2, has predicted the name of Bigg Boss 11 winner and according to her, it’s not Shilpa Shinde but Vikas Gupta who will take the winner’s trophy home.

Shilpa Shinde’s infamous fight with &TV and the makers of “Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!” is known to all and sundry. It won’t be wrong to say that dispute with the channel put a full stop to her TV career.

Payal is of the opinion that Vikas will win Bigg Boss 11 and a blacklisted actor (Shilpa) will not be the winner because ‘channelheads are friends with channelheads’. Colors won’t make the mistake of declaring such a contestant winner who stood against a channel.

She tweeted, “I have a feeling that the #channelhead will win #BiggBoss11. A blacklisted TV actor wont be made a #WINNER as channelheads are friends with channelheads. Not with someone who stood AGAINST them. They will want to ruin her further. So maintain YOUR dignity is all I can SAY.”

She further put up a question on Shilpa being called the fixed winner and said that the channel will make her lose the reality show to prove that she was wrong and for the same, she didn’t get any work for 2 long years.

Payal wrote, “They will make #Shilpashinde lose to #Channelhead on stage they show how right they are and how wrong she is. How can #Shilpashinde be #Fixedwinner ? That woman was out of work for 2 years. Someone else was… Welcome to #RealityTelevision 🤣🤣🤣”

She further tweeted, “How can an out of work actor HIRE a PR machinery whose Twitter account is not even Verified 🤔 Just THINK. Open your minds 😉 My mom told me she hasnt even hired a stylist, so a whole PR machinery to trend 🤔 Quite unbelievable”

She requested people not to twist her words because she doesn’t have anything against the channelhead. She wrote, “And ya I have nothing against #channelhead so dont TWIST my words. I can have my preferences and yes I have done #Realityshows. A person with 20 pairs of clothes and 3 slippers can’t HIRE a PR machinery & be a #FIXEDWINNER 🤣 Someone else is and to cover that this is promoted 🙏”

Even though she agrees to the fact that Shilpa is a nice person and she is blessed with good qualities, it’s not necessary that a nice person becomes the winner in case of BB.

She tweeted, “That is nice for her. It will help her in life whether she wins or not. But that is not a criteria for winning as during Sangram stint in season 7, winner had some other qualities 🤣”

According to Payal, love of viewers is the real victory and not the prize money and trophy. She further says that voting can be manipulated and the game of victory completely depends on the people who are behind the show.

Payal wrote, “Voting can get manipulated, it all depends on the people who are behind the show. But God is bigger than all show people 🙂 The love of audiences is REAL WIN is all I can say.”

She said that Shilpa is already a winner for her fans when she tweeted, “I am SUPPORTING #ShilpaShinde as she DESERVES it. But to all her Fans she has WON the show as #REALWIN is the love of the people. If she gets the prize money it will be great but if the show people make someone else the winner don’t get bothered is all I want to say..”

She further disclosed who all can become a winner in a reality show, “To get the #prizemoney of a #RealityShow called #BiggBoss u dont need to be a #Goodperson. A Negative person throughout the season, a person with channel contacts or powerful producers as friends, a person whom channel thinks can USE in their future shows are d CRITERIA 😂”

Do you agree with Payal Rohatgi? Let us know your views about the winner.

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