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Former Mumbai Sr. Police Officer Claims RSS Is India’s No. 1 Terrorist Organization


Former Mumbai Sr. Police Officer Claims RSS Is India’s No. 1 Terrorist Organization

On Thursday, SM Mushrif, Ex-Maharashtra Inspector General of police has claimed that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is the number one terrorist organization of the country as the activists of RSS are involved in at least 13 terror cases across India.

Mushrif was speaking in an event in Kolkata, “RSS activists have been chargesheeted in at least 13 cases of terror acts in which RDX has been used. If organisations like Bajrang Dal are taken into the account, then the number of such cases goes up to 17.”

He also said, “The RSS is India’s number one terrorist organisation, there is no doubt on this,” referring towards the Hyderabad bombing of Mecca Masjid in 2007, Malegaon blasts in Maharashtra (2006 & 2008), and Samjhauta Express bombings in 2007 and others.

However, Mushrif also said that “saffron terror” has no dependence on the factor that which party is in ruling position.

He said, “The RSS as a terror organisation has nothing to do with political power. It is immaterial which party is in power. It is the system that is working, it’s the Brahminical system. And when I say Brahminical, it doesn’t mean the Brahmin, it’s the mentality, the attitude to dominate and oppress.”

Surprisingly, Mushrif doesn’t feels that intolerance is increasing in the country in the recent times, he said, “Intolerance has been going on for a long time. There have been many severe bigger incidents earlier; I don’t understand why it is being highlighted now.”

Mushrif was attending an event which was organized to remember the sacrifice of Hemant Karkare, as Mushrif is the writer of book “Who killed Karkare” in which he has made sensational claims. Mushrif has earlier also claimed that it was Intelligence Bureau that planned the killing of Hemant, he said “There is clinching evidence about the IB’s involvement but all efforts to establish that have been defeated. Our efforts to call for an independent probe have always been defeated. Unless there is a massive public movement, this will never be established.”

Kabir Suman, the National Award winning music director and former Trinamool Lok Sabha member was also present in the event.


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