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After Fortis, Medanta Hospital Charged Rs 15.88 Lakh For 8-Yr Kid’s Dengue. The Boy Is No More


After Fortis, Medanta Hospital Charged Rs 15.88 Lakh For 8-Yr Kid’s Dengue. The Boy Is No More

If we go by the recent incidents, there will be a day when people will prefer to die of their diseases rather than going to a hospital for treatment.

A 7-yr girl died of dengue in September while getting treated in Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, and the hospital charged nearly Rs. 18 lakhs for a 15-day stay. Moreover, there were some serious discrepancies in the manner the girl was treated by the hospital.

Now another hospital in Gurugram has charged Rs. 15.88 lakh from a family of an eight years old boy who died after getting treated for dengue in the hospital for 21 days.

The boy was shifted to Medanta hospital, Gurugram, from another hospital and this is what the kid’s father told,

“My child was there in the hospital for 21 days, the hospital gave us a bill of Rs 15.88 lakh. We had to request people for money; the hospital has looted us in the name of treatment.”

The amount was so huge that the parents had to ask for money from other people and the father also alleged that despite charging so much, the doctors of the hospital made them shift the boy in a government hospital when there was no improvement in the boy’s condition.

After the boy succumbed to his illness, the family decided to file a complaint against the hospital as they feel cheated; they had paid such a huge amount and still their son was not saved.

Twitter furiously reacted over the matter. Check out some of the selected tweets:


They are looting people:

It has become more or less a business instead of a service:

Users shared their experience too:

Strict punishment should be given to culprits:

Million-dollar advice:

Investigation into the matter has started and we genuinely feel that such hospitals should be stopped from charging unnecessary and huge amount from the families of patients.



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