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From No Bed In Hospitals To No Room In Hotels, Twitter Sarcastically Roasts Manali Tourists


From No Bed In Hospitals To No Room In Hotels, Twitter Sarcastically Roasts Manali Tourists

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic had hit the country in a pretty big manner and once again many lives were lost but this time the situation was so bad that hospitals were full with patients and many patients didn’t even get bed in hospitals. Some people also lost their lives due to the lack of oxygen supply and several necessary medicines were also out of stock. All the states of the country imposed lockdown or lockdown like restrictions in order to stop the spread of the lethal virus.

However, the good thing is that now the situation is under control and almost all the states have started the unlock process. While few states are still asking for RT-PCR reports for the travelers who are coming from other states, some states such as Himachal Pradesh has even withdrew this condition and now people just need to have an e-Covid pass in order to enter the state.

With the temperature on the rise, many tourists decided to travel to the famous hill stations of Himachal Pradesh and the visuals that we are getting from there are quite scary as people have gathered in huge numbers over there and they are also not following the COVID-19 protocols.

The photos of Manali are doing rounds on the Internet and social media networks, showing the streets of the city are heavily crowded and it won’t be wrong to say that it is just like an invitation to the third wave of COVID-19.

A Twitter user shared the photos of Manali with the caption, “Pics from #Manali, where beds are running out in hotels. If we go on like this, soon there will be another episode of ‘No beds in Hospital’ will hit the reality soon! I know it’s hard not to go out and all, but people this pandemic is a real nightmare. Please be responsible”   

The Indian Twitterati soon lost their cool and started slamming the tourists for their irresponsible behaviour. Here are some selected reactions:




















Neither the government nor the medical experts will be able to control COVID-19 if people behave so irresponsibly and with such a careless attitude. This kind of conduct is highly condemning and proves that people haven’t learnt from their past mistakes and experiences.

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