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From Now Onwards You Need To Pay Rs. 23,000 For Illegal Parking In Mumbai


From Now Onwards You Need To Pay Rs. 23,000 For Illegal Parking In Mumbai

Monsoon has finally arrived in Mumbai. The citizens are concerned about the traffic which becomes worst during the rainy season. At times roads get blocked due to unwanted parking on the streets. Well, from now on parking your cars is set to get more difficult rather than driving.

The BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Mumbai Traffic Police implemented new traffic rules and has started levying fines up to 23,000 from Sunday. The fine includes towing charges for parking within 15 meter of 20 authorized parking lots it’ll cost you Rs. 5000 for two-wheelers and Rs.15,000 for heavy vehicles. There is also a penalty for late payment and it can hike up to Rs. 23,500.

A BMC official on Sunday said the main objective of the new rules for vehicles parked in a no-parking zone is to curb unauthorised parking outside designed parking lots. He further said BMC has hired ex-serviceman to assist the traffic police.

The citizens are definitely not pleased with the decision taken by Asia’s richest municipal corporation. Seems like rich people are going to get richer. If there is a lack of place for parking cars being the municipal corporation you should build more parking lots for the citizens rather than charging a hefty amount from the people for parking.

Desi Twitter is lashing out at the decision made by BMC:














Build the potholes first and provide parking lots then implement THESE illogical rules BMC!

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