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Gaddha-Free Roads or Donkey-Free Roads? Here’s Why You Should Stop Trusting Media!


Gaddha-Free Roads or Donkey-Free Roads? Here’s Why You Should Stop Trusting Media!

UP CM Yogi Adityanath in a public meeting at Deoria promised that he is going to make the state “pothole” free from 15th June.

“UP ki pehchaan bann chuki thi ki seema waha se shuru hogi jahaan se gaddha-mukt sadke shuru hongi,jahan se shaam ko andhera shuru hoga” (UP was known to be a place which starts with pothole ridden roads and a place where it was completely dark after sunset), he said at the meeting.

While promising that his Government is taking responsibility towards making UP a pothole free state by 15th June he said, “Hum logo ne ye sunishchit karne ko kaha hai ki 15 June ke ander Uttar Pradesh ki sadkein gaddha-mukt ho jaayein” (We’ve now decided to ensure that by 15th June UP roads are pothole-free).

Here’s the official tweet by ANI!

And this was of course not the end as he also made great promises regarding electricity supply.

“Har zila mukhyalaya ko hum 24 ghante bijali denge.Har tehsil mukhyalaya ko 20 ghante aur har gramin kshetr mein 18 ghante bijali denge” (Every district headquarters will get 24 hours of electricity. Every tehsil 20 hours and every rural area will get atleast 18 hours of electricity everyday).

Now, this is a great step moving forward. Don’t you think? But our media is still busy bashing the CM without even understanding his words. Like most of the times, some leading media houses are busy with their misleading reports that term “gaddha (potholes)” as “gadha (donkey)”.

So while Yogi has promised pothole free UP roads, media is calling it a “donkey-free” campaign. Here are the screenshots;

We all want to see India as a developed country but whenever someone tries to take a step in the right direction, media starts creating unnecessary negativity. Media has great power of influencing people but with great powers come great responsibilities. Instead of writing positively about good things, they are just busy cashing on negativity. Lack of knowledge + sensationalism has resulted in enough embarrassment for the nation and media should understand that what their job is all about.

However big media houses later corrected the news and replaced donkey-free roads with pothole-free roads but you cannot escape from Google and its search results are still showing the same mistake.

Though whatever media reports, we applaud UP government’s action towards a good change. A trip to UP would be more enjoyable now.

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