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GF Accuses BF Of Cheating Her For A Whale! You’ll Go WTF Seeing Their Comment Conversation!

GF Accuses BF Of Cheating Her For A Whale! You'll Go WTF Seeing Their Comment Conversation! RVCJ Media


GF Accuses BF Of Cheating Her For A Whale! You’ll Go WTF Seeing Their Comment Conversation!

Girlfriends are weird, ohh wait, let me just put it in a singular form, Girlfriend is weird (Hope she didn’t read that). Social Media is place where you have the right to like, comment and share a post. You have the independence. But things do get a little tricky when you come into relationship. No more liking pictures of Kim Kardashian or Sunny Leone or sharing jokes on Feminism

Now this Instagram comment conversation between a guy and his girlfriend is totally apt. Instagram is a place where people from different place come together and share pictures. Admiring the beauty of such pictures is indeed quite natural. However, situations take an ugly turn which makes the whole matter more interesting and hilarious. Have a look at the screenshots.

This guy commented on a picture of a WHALE and appreciated it’s beauty. However, his girlfriend turned up into the comment sections and showed her concern. The guy was in a complete shock for her reaction ! !


At first, she started her casual questions to which the guy was entirely clueless. However, later on, he understood what she was trying to prove.


And then it was complete madness. She literally accused him for flirting with the BABY WHALE and cheating on her just because of a WHALE. He tried to explain her about the situation, but it didn’t pay off that well.


However, the end was really amazing. Somehow he did manage to calm down his girlfriend by making her realize that she was just overreacting. But what happened next was really hilarious. Someone with the same baby WHALE picture (baby_gothumpback) ignited the whole issue again by acting as a WHALE GF. And this time, he was literally screwed ! !


Well, this Instagram Comment conversation is indeed fabricated just for fun, but this does makes sense about the current generation love affairs. This conversation does prove a point about how couples are getting into fights over petty issues.

What do you think about it guys ? Isn’t this hilarious ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below ! !

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