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This Girl Charges 5K per night To Do This On Men’s Beds! No It’s Not What You Are Thinking


This Girl Charges 5K per night To Do This On Men’s Beds! No It’s Not What You Are Thinking

Do you like to get into a chilly bed on winter nights? Obviously NO right? On winter nights, everyone loves staying warm, cozy and comfortable. But many a times, we have no option but to wear those cold sheets; not anymore, because now, a Russian girl named Viktoria Ivachyova has come up with a unique service for people all across the globe.

Yes, there’s actually a girl who can be termed as a “Human bed warmer”. I am sure you are still not clear; well, this 21 year old girl warms the bed on winter nights by laying in it for an hour, so that the one who sleeps on it after her, stays comfortable. Yes, this is her JOB it is chargeable.

As per reports, the cost of bed warming is £65 (Rs 5,000) per night or £1,350 per month (Rs 1,13,287). She seems to be a bold girl because she doesn’t hesitate to lay in beds of strangers.

She follows a strict policy; clients can stay in the room if they want to but physical contact is a STRICT NO. However, if a person tries misbehaving, she immediately presses the panic button (She never forgets to carry it along) to alert others in the vicinity.

So guys, do you want this service? If yes, contact Viktoria; she will come to you in her pyjamas for an hour long session. She provides this service for women too; since her booking chart is always full, she has plans of hiring more women in her team.

Wondering what inspired Viktoria? According to reports,

“Ivachyova was inspired by a book written by Russian author Anatoly Mariengof. “One character, a poet called Sergei Yesenin paid a female typist to come to his home every morning and lie naked in his bed, under the blankets, for 15 minutes, warming it up. The whole ritual apparently helped him regain his writing inspiration.”

Many people thank Viktoria for her services because as soon as she leaves, they feel the magic; majority of her clients are single men.

This is definitely a very unique hospitality; I have heard it for the first time, what about you? Do share your views in our comments section below.

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