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Girl Cheats A Guy On Camera!! Shocking Social Experiment!!


Girl Cheats A Guy On Camera!! Shocking Social Experiment!!

There is a popular theory quite famous among youngsters these days. Here is how it goes
Good Guy Approaches a Girl
Girl Rejects Good Guy
Good Guy Gets Disappointed
Girl Falls For Bad Guy Because He Is Cool
Bad Guy Approaches the Girl
Girl Accepts Bad Guy’s Proposal
Bad Guy Cheats On Her & Leaves Her
Girl Gets Disappointed Too.

This is what this video is based on.This is a social experiment which bought forward the truth and proved the above mentioned theory. Watch the video and you’ll love the climax of the video.
This video is about a Guy who goes on a Blind Date with a girl. The guy looks decent (Not trendy). Both talk and boy makes and excuse which and suddenly another guy approaches her &… Nope I’m not telling the entire thing. Watch the video and this won’t Disappoint you I’m sure.

What do you think about it now? Was the theory true? Share the video and share your views, comments & Experiences in the comments section below.

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