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This Girl Lost 42 Kgs In 6 Months. She Continued Eating Pani-Puri, Ice-Cream & Chinese


This Girl Lost 42 Kgs In 6 Months. She Continued Eating Pani-Puri, Ice-Cream & Chinese

Weight loss isn’t as easy as you think. Gaining weight is simple, but losing it is a big TASK. Diet and exercise are 2 not-so-possible things for most of the people.
If you are a foodie, it’s really difficult to give up on your favorite snacks, isn’t it? However, with hard-work and determination, everything is possible and this 20 year old girl Arpita Agarwal proved it.

Well, she too is a big time foodie, but she continued her weight loss target without giving up on her favorite treats.

Those continuous taunts!

Arpita was constantly bullied and taunted for her weight. She weighed 96 kgs and it was difficult for her to even walk properly. Arpita used to get the worst feeling when shopkeepers used to say that clothes of her size weren’t available. This is when she decided to transform herself; once her journey started, she didn’t look back.

42 kgs in 6 months!

Yes, that’s Arpita! She lost 42 kgs in just 6 months and that too without quitting pani puri, Chinese and her favorite ice-cream. Wondering how it became possible?
Arpita has cheat days when she indulges in junk food, but overall, she has stopped eating out. Her breakfast includes peanut butter and bread, buttermilk and oats. Her lunch consists of dal, chapatti, dahi, buttermilk and salad. In dinner, she eats, soup, brown rice, dal and salad.

Instead of ghee, Arpita uses olive oil in her food. Moreover, when her family goes out for lunch or dinner, she prefers eating salad. It takes COURAGE to do this, isn’t it?

Her fitness routine!

Arpita takes fitness very seriously. Every day, she does 15 minutes of cardio, weight training, CrossFit, burpees, functional training, plank jumps, plank walk and lunges. She also keeps watching fitness videos and weight loss videos to get some new tips.

At last, she adds,

“It takes small portions, and endless amount of water bottle refills. It takes sweaty shirts and heart-racing workouts. It takes dedication, passion, and motivation. ou chose what it is that you want in life. Because at the end of the day, only you can determine your destiny.”

Way to go girl!

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