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Girl Said Arjun Kapoor Looks Like A Rapist. His Reply Made Her Delete Her Account

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Girl Said Arjun Kapoor Looks Like A Rapist. His Reply Made Her Delete Her Account

Social media is a good place to have fun & stay in touch with people, but at times, it can be really scary. It is filled with trollers, who can go to any extent of trolling celebrities. Comments are so embarrassing and weird that celebrities have no clue how to handle them.

We reported how people made fun of Mallika Sherawat for her recent picture and called her an aunty. But this is not it, now another troller has targeted Arjun Kapoor and has called him a “Criminal”, “Creep” and a “Rapist”. Well, the girl’s choice of words shows that she has crossed all his limits.

If you were in Arjun’s place, wouldn’t your blood boil with anger with such offensive comments? Well, Arjun chose to handle the troll calmly instead of getting frustrated at her or hitting back with harsh words. However, the actor made the troller realize that there’s a difference between trolls and disgusting comments.

Here’s what the girl tweeted;

The tweet read, “Looks like a creep gives vibes of a criminal and a rapist he should be out of #Bollywood ASAP n fresh talent be welcomed.”

To this, Arjun gave a strong reply; after reading his tweet, the girl deleted her post.

The tweet read, “This is an all time low at trolling I feel…a woman, a girl shamelssly and causally using the term rapist isn’t trolling it’s saddening… “

Arjun could have easily lashed out at her & given her a good dose but he chose the classy way instead. It’s actually saddening to see such cheap comments coming from girls. Even Twitter reacted;

Bad mouth!

Free publicity!

Inspired from Ranaut sisters!

Idiot girl!


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