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The Girl Sent Dress Changing Pics Accidentally To Wrong Number. This Is What Happened After That


The Girl Sent Dress Changing Pics Accidentally To Wrong Number. This Is What Happened After That

Accidental messages or calling the wrong numbers are always connected to romance or harassment. But this world is so big and has a number of possibilities of everything. Everything that happens can happen in a lot more ways and a similar case has came in notice recently.

A girl accidentally sent pictures of her friend trying different dresses to a wrong number.

You must be thinking that situation got embarrassing here but it took a beautiful turn and ended up helping a kid with his cancer treatment. Confused? Let me explain.

A girl named Sydney sent the dress changing images of her friend Mandi Miller to a number she was not supposed to.

Now the response from the receiver was a big surprise. He didn’t get creepy but sent a sweet reply like this-

The man named Tony Woods also sent an image of his kids as a proof of their love.

Suddenly the incident became the talk of social media and sweet reactions started pouring in.








Seeing a response like this, Tony Woods also shared an emotinal news. He tweeted that in the picture that has got so much love doesn’t have his second youngest son, Kaizler and his wife, Rachel because they were at a chemo clinic for Kaizler’s leukemia treatment. He tweeted-

Hello! Apparently you have made my children Twitter famous! My 2nd youngest (not pictured, he was at chemo clinic) has a FB page for his fight against Leukemia and one of our Prayer Warriors recognized the children! Btw, my wife agreed that the dress looked great! God Bless!

As soon as he tweeted this, people started crowd funding for his kids’ cancer treatment-

In a little matter of time, an amount of $1000 i.e Rs 65,000 was collected and was donated for the treatment. Here’s how the dad reacted-

You’re very kind. Here is a thumbs up from Kaizler!

Isn’t that the sweetest and most unexpected thing to happen?


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