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Girl’s Dupatta Gets Stuck In Table Fan & She Gets Strangled, Actor Tears It Off With His Teeth

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Girl’s Dupatta Gets Stuck In Table Fan & She Gets Strangled, Actor Tears It Off With His Teeth

The Indian television serials have a huge fan base despite the fact that majority of these shows have no relation with logic and you will certainly have a headache watching them if you are not habitual of high-voltage drama. Many times we have seen characters getting alive again after d*ing in the serial, leading actress getting superpowers and fighting with the evil, washing laptop with soap and water and what not. Now a video clip is going viral on the Internet which has surpassed all the heights of stupidity as in this, the leading actress gets herself into trouble because of her dupatta.

W are talking about the show Swarna Ghar and in the viral video clip, dupatta of the actress gets entangled in the table fan and she starts getting choked. The male actor tries to hold her and asks other people to switch off the fan but it is of no use as the fan’s plug gets stuck in the switch board.

A couple of vamps who are also present there try to make everyone else believe that the actress is faking the incident and all the limits are crossed when nothing works and the male actor tears off the actress’ dupatta with his teeth.

Here is the video clip:

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It is certainly very difficult to believe that the makers and writers of these serials can be so insensible. No one could even think that a dupatta has the other side too which would have helped to save the actress’ life but who needs it when you have teeth for this purpose. The micro-blogging site Twitter was flooded with reactions over the illogical scene and here are some of the selected ones:












This is insane, seriously.

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