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We Girls Should Never Be Embarrassed For Saying These 10 Things


We Girls Should Never Be Embarrassed For Saying These 10 Things

It is always believed that only guys can do disgusting and weird habits. However, we always fail to understand that we too do those things, but are just embarrassed to admit them. Given below are top 10 things that we always do and we shouldn’t be embarrassed to say:-

1. We shouldn’t be embarrassed to say that we too Fart. It is a normal body function and nothing to be embarrassed about.

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2. Even if we don’t have boyfriend, we do what boys do when they’re alone.

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3. You should proudly say that even you watch Adult movies.

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4. Just for hiding that Yeast Infection, we tend to cover the toe nails

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5. Who said that we don’t pick noses?

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6. We just love digging out our Ingrown Hair. Its our favorite pastime.

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7. We just enjoy to squeeze out our blackheads.

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8. We maintain our dental Hygiene with our fingernails.

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9. We Just like seeing End-Results.

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10. We just like checking weight again and again
woman keeps checking weight
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