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What Girls Say But What They Actually Mean


What Girls Say But What They Actually Mean

Girls are complicated. Yes, I said it alright! The world of women can be quite confusing to hapless men new to the territory. We can be the queens of The Land of Passive Aggresivia. Here, we list the top things all females say but actually mean, not. Its all in good humor, you guys 🙂

 1. What they say: “I am fine.”


 What they mean: “I am totally not fine. I prefer we have a conversation about this thing, which is apparently pointless to you. But you will pay for this, this is already in the log.”


 2. What they say: “Have fun!”

haev fun

 What they mean: “I am amazed by the audacity in you that you are actually going ahead with the plans without me? Even if I am not supposed to be in the bachelor party! You go boy, you’ll see when you are back.”


Our advice: Abort mission. We repeat, abort mission.

 3. What they say: “Yea, its okay. It’s all cool.”


 What they mean: “LOL no. The next time you do something that is remotely  related to this, heck, even if its not even remotely related to this, I shall open this chapter all over again and nag you. For the rest of your life.”


 4. What they say: “I don’t care.”


 What they mean: “I care with all of my hearts, lungs, gall bladder, kidneys and liver.”


 5. What they say: “I will just have a salad, I am not hungry.”


 What they mean: “Man, I would kill for a greasy cheese burger now. Ugh, I am so hungry right now. But then, I don’t want you to think I am a pig. So I’ll just pretend to eat this sad excuse of food and order pizza after going home.”


 6. What they say: “Yea, I know. You both are just friends.”


 What they mean: “You shall not talk to another female that is not related to you by blood. She is totally hitting on you, what if she has a boyfriend? I hate her guts, ugh. You are mine, loser.”

hat her

 7. What they say: “I am not drunk.”


 What they mean: “Wait, do you have two heads? Jeez, that guy is totally walking off floor. Why are the lights so bright? I might throw up on your shoes, brace yourself.”


 8. What they say: “I love being single!”


 What they mean: “I am so forever alone. Why can’t I find someone, a perfect 10 dude? I am totally dying alone after which, my cats will eat me up.”


 9.  What they say: “He’s not my type.”

not my type

 What they mean: “He is so my type I could marry him right now, but FML. He has a girlfriend.”


 10. What they say: “Men are pigs.”


What they mean: “Men are pigs.”

Umm, so what do the females in your life say, but mean? 😉 Tag all the nautanki queens and let them know you are onto them 😉

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