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What Girls Want? 8 Ways To Make Your Girl Happy


What Girls Want? 8 Ways To Make Your Girl Happy

The mankind has come very far; we have invented so many things that have increased the quality of our life. We have uncovered so many secrets of our universe, but there’s still one big mystery that for years has puzzled the men. That big mystery is a woman. We humans, especially men, are very simple creatures . When we like a woman and find her attractive, we want to know her more.


However, women are pretty complicated. In contrast to men, they are pretty hard to decode. It’s not easy to know what’s going on their mind because sometimes they don’t make sense and sometimes they do. So how come a man could please her woman if he doesn’t understand her?

But you don’t need to worry! If you’re trying to please your wife or girlfriend, we are here to help you. With our helpful pointers, you will get a better understanding of ‘women’ and then you will have no trouble in finding ways to make them happy.

So let’s take a look at some important points which will you help in making your woman happy!

1. You must respect her, treat her nice.

The most important and fundamental thing that you must always do is respect her. When you love someone or when you like someone, you must also respect that someone. Love without respect and understanding is not love at all. You must value her opinions, listen to her thoughts and never ever insult her or judge her because of her past. You must appreciate her the way she is.

2. You must always listen to her.

We all know that women are more talkative than men. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to listen when she speaks. Always listen to her rants, gibberish, nonsensical talks because she will appreciate it. Pay full attention to her talks and respond by giving your input. Respect her feelings if she shares it with you; offer your advise even if she doesn’t ask for it.

3. Embrace her flaws and imperfections.

The best thing about love is that we find it not by coming across a perfect person, but by accepting the imperfections of a person. We must love a person for who they are, not for what we want them to be. We all know that there’s no one who is perfect, not me, not you, or anyone. Accept their flaws, move on, and love them.

4. Always be there for her!

The main purpose of a relationship is to come across someone who will always be there for us. Whenever she has problems, support her and help her in solving them. Now it can be small problems like doing house chores or big problems related to job or career, but you have to be there for her.

5. Always be loyal and honest.

Just be honest with her and never lie to her, because lying to a woman is equal to cheating with her. When you lie, you plant the seeds of distrust in her min; it will only make her worry that you might be cheating. And that’s how you’ll lose the love of your life. You should spend your time with her and not with any other woman; don’t try to please any other woman. Just keep your girl happy.

6. Never ever take her for granted!

Perhaps the worst thing most of the men do is they take the women in their lives for granted. Always appreciate and respect your woman for the things she does for you. But that’s not all; you should let her know how much you appreciate her for being there. Always value her importance.

7. Don’t shy away from sharing your sensitive side

Of course being a guy, you’ll want to act all macho and you perhaps don’t believe in shedding tears at the slightest pretext. But you must be able to share your feelings; it’s very important to have that emotional connect with a woman. Women are creature of emotions, so let them know that you’re capable of feelings too. Whenever she’s upset, give her a cuddle and ask her what’s wrong. After that, tell her that everything will be alright.

8. Dress Sharp, be the master of flirting, and a funny sense of humor.

The way you dress is a reflection of who you’re inside. The main problem that most of the guys face is they can’t express their interest in someone. Flirting isn’t bad; it’s wooing a girl by honestly showing your interest in her. So don’t hold back! Compliment a girl and give her all the attention she deserves. Girls would love to spend time with someone who can entertain them and can make them laugh.

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