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Giving Warm Clothes to Homeless – [Share For Cause]

Giving Warm Clothes to Homeless - [Share For Cause]


Giving Warm Clothes to Homeless – [Share For Cause]

Guri Singh has a mission to distribute some warm clothes to the real needy ones. For this he walks around with a bag full of winter warm clothes and handover to the homeless people. This good cause will surely get him many smiles at the end of the day. Even you can do this in your area to distribute warm clothing or food to the needy homeless.
This is surely “The Real Joy Of Giving” and we all must be proud of this guy doing this noble cause. His compassionate with kind thoughts are just being put into action. He is a real a kind person… I wish there were many more people just like him to share this cause.
Just give a thought; if every one of us get off to do this, we’d all surely live in a better place! Some turn their noses up to the less fortunate homeless. This is an indeed a better idea than donating money to charities or any organizations, who unfortunately don’t actually use the collected money for the good.
This short preview of the video defiantly has more to come. I hope many of us join him and also help in motivating other people to help as well.

That’s a great gesture..! Thumbs up and hopefully other people will do some good things, too…

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