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Goibibo’s Ridiculously Practical Merch Will Steal All Your Travel Problems


Goibibo’s Ridiculously Practical Merch Will Steal All Your Travel Problems

Whenever we hear the term “travel,” many of us immediately think of long lines, difficulties, and inconveniences. But then I think about Goibibo, and all those ‘hassles’ go puff… and evaporate into thin air, since every trip they organize is thrilling, memorable, and effortless.

And now, Goibibo is launching something new to further improve our vacations, and we can’t wait to try it out!

If life is a journey and travelling means experiencing life twice, then having the proper travel gear may unquestionably add years to your life.

Goibibo’s newest products strive to fulfill the maxim “jugg jugg jiyo.” To start, however, let’s go back in time.

Remember the time you fought for your right on the plane so that your elbows could rest safely and in peace?

Do you recall the shampoo and soap bars from the toiletries tray screaming “take us with you”?

How quickly did the panic set in when you noticed your travel documents were not in your bag?

And yes, the wish to go to the restroom after being cooped up for almost two hours?

But now, thanks to Goibibo, you can put those regrettable experiences in the rearview mirror (in more ways than one) since they have developed some very unique and useful travel products that have long been on your wish list.

1. The ArmWrest

If there was ever a tug-of-war championship between elbows, airplanes would be the best place to host it! But if you are a messenger of peace and compromise, Goibibo’s ArmWrest is your weapon. It can instantly get you from the wrestle to the rest mode.

2. The Go-Go Kit

Do you have to go to the restroom in the middle of the night when on the road? Sounds terrifying, but Mother Nature can pick up the phone at any moment. Fortunately, this is where Goibibo’s GoGo kit shines. A portable shovel, jet spray with refilled capsules, a headlamp, and a whistle are all included.

They really have thought of everything, huh?

3. Hoardor

Hoard toiletries in a leak-proof kit- the Goibibo Hoardor, like a pro on your next staycation- sabun ho ya shampoo-  Hoarder to your rescue!

4. The Pocket Tee

If forgetting travel insurance documents is your forte, fret not! Goibibo’s Pocket Tee will have you covered.

These insanely practical utilities will become your go-to buddies during travel. And here are two people- comedian Aakash Gupta and the Great Khali re-living their travel horrors, now made easy with Goibibo merch products!!

Check these videos out.

One can avail of all of these ridiculously practical travel essentials from their website- Another place to win exclusive merchandise is by using Instagram to your advantage. Here’s how you can do so.

Ja Simran Ja! Go and make your dream travel a reality with these ridiculously practical products from Goibibo!

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