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‘Goodnight Sleep Tight’ Is Here To Make You Sleep Tight Even More Cautiously


‘Goodnight Sleep Tight’ Is Here To Make You Sleep Tight Even More Cautiously

Sleep is one of the most important necessities in a person life. In today’s, date people tend to work more and sleep less to do better in life even staying up until the sun comes out to binge watch Netflix series. Humans fail to understand the sleep-wake cycle is disrupted. Which affects the human brain and the natural circadian rhythm.

Sleep Walking is a behavioural disorder that happens during deep sleep results walking in sleep or performing other complex behaviours. Homicidal sleepwalking is also known as sleepwalking murder. Where a person can even kill someone while sleepwalking.

The Short Cuts are again back with an informative and beautifully framed short film ‘Goodnight Sleep Tight‘ starring Sahil and Sonam Arora. The story revolves around ACP Singh a renowned police officer who was working on a case of serial killers. After months of hustle to arrest the criminals, ACP Singh accomplished his mission.

His beautiful daughter and wife welcomed him home with dinner and her little daughter recited a nursery rhyme ‘Maachli Jal Ki Raani’ which she learnt in school. ACP was sleep deprived for a few days as the case was traumatizing for him.

The climax of the movie is going to blow your mind and will leave you astonished. Remember one thing while watching the movie expect the unexpected.

Watch the short film and let us know in the comments how did you like it.

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