Google To Launch New Feature Which Will Allow You To Remove Unwanted Objects From Photos

For many years, Google has been a great source when it comes to finding news and photos but very soon, finding photos of your choice will become easier.

Yes, you read it right! Google has said that it will soon add a feature that will remove the unwanted objects from images.

In the demo of this feature, Google showed a whole chain fence being removed from a photo.

(Click on below GIF to see the demo)

Source: Google

The photo was quite simple yet the result was impressive.

The Photoshop users are already doing it for quite a good time now but this type of feature is not available in apps which are used by consumers, so Google will make it easy for them to create a photo of their own choice.

It is not clear as to where the company will launch this feature but most probably, it will be added to Google Photos.

Waiting anxiously for it! In fact, this is something many of us have been waiting for long! Agree?


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