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Guinness Book Of World Records Declares Modi’s Gold Pinstriped Suit As The Most Expensive Suit


Guinness Book Of World Records Declares Modi’s Gold Pinstriped Suit As The Most Expensive Suit

We all remember Narendra Modi’s gold pinstriped navy blue suit. Yes, that particular suit on which his name was embroidered with gold. It was a very fine piece of art and it grabbed many eyeballs when Narendra Modi wore it at his Summit meeting with US President Barack Obama on January 25, 2015. Many people thought that it was Narendra Modi’s personal suit suit which was bought by him at his personal expense.

India's prime minister Modi sports his bespoke suit as he meets Obama

But to just clear such doubts, let me enlighten those people with the truth. No it wasn’t bought by him. Instead the suit cloth piece was gifted to him by a trader from Hong Kong on account of his Son’s marriage. Narendra Modi gave this cloth piece to Jade Blue who stitches our PM clothes. And hence this is how the Gold Pin-stripped came to existence.

pinstripe gold narendra modi

Now to be honest, I am not that big MODI fanboy, but I was impressed when I got to know about how he deals with such expensive gifts. Usually in India, many politicians consider these gifts as an exchange commodity. But what Narendra Modi does, is simply amazing. According a report, Modi auctions all of his gifts. Narendra Modi during his 13 year stint as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he donated around a whooping 90 crores rupees to Gujarat Girl Child Education Fund.

narendra modi gifts

These are the collection of gifts which are auctioned in order to generate donation for various NGO organizations

And yes, this is how he deals with his gifts. And this Gold Pin-striped Navy Blue Suit was no different. It went on for an auction. After becoming the Prime Minister of India, his auction money is believe to be donated at ‘Clean Ganga Mission.’ The actual cost of Gold Pin-striped suit is estimated to vary from 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs. But, the game has completely changed after Narendra Modi wore it. It was auctioned without any base price and finally, the suit has been purchased for a whooping 4.31 crore rupees. The suit has been bought by Dharmananda Diamond Company’s Lalji Patel and his son Hitesh Patel.

It was also reported that the bidding went as high up to the amount of Rs 5 crore but was disqualified as it was done after the due time. The bid had started from 11 lakhs on the very 1st day and climbed the ladder upto 4.31 crores at the last and final day.

And with that bidding, Narendra Modi and his suit got registered in the Guinness Book Of World Record for being the most expensive suit ever sold.

Definitely a proud moment for us. Not because of the auction or the money, but because of the idea behind such auctions which focuses on donating money to the needy ones.

If the reports stated above are true about the donations, then this initiative by Narendra Modi is welcome change in an era where many politicians focus on increasing their black money and giving back nothing to the society.

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