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Gurgaon Woman Shares Her Horrible Experience During An Auto Ride In A Viral Twitter Thread


Gurgaon Woman Shares Her Horrible Experience During An Auto Ride In A Viral Twitter Thread

There is no denying the fact that women’s safety is of utmost priority for the government and many steps have been taken by the government in this regard but still some incidents take place which indicate that a lot still needs to be done in this matter.

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Recently, a woman took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and narrated a horrible incident which took place with her and how she dealt with the risk of getting kidnapped. The name of the woman is Nishtha Paliwal who is from Gurgaon, Haryana and in a series of tweets, she narrated the whole incident which took place in Sec 22 of Gurgaon.

Nishtha who is a communications specialist as per her profile wrote that at around 12:30 pm, she boarded an autorickshaw from Sec 22 which is just 7 mins away from her home. She wrote that she told the driver who was listening to spiritual music that she would pay online as she was out of cash with which he had no problem.

Nishtha further wrote that they reached a T point from where the driver should have taken right to reach her home but the driver took left and when she asked him about it, instead of answering he started shouting the God’s name in loud voice. Nishtha also questioned him a loud voice and patted on his left shoulder at least 8-10 times but he didn’t respond and increase the speed which was around 35-40 km/h at that time.

She was not able to think what to do other than jumping from the moving auto which was quite risky but she told herself that it’s better to get your bones broken rather than getting kidnapped. Nishtha jumped out of the moving auto and in one of the tweets, she wrote that she had no idea from where she got that much courage but luckily she did not suffer any injury.

Here are the tweets which were made by Nishtha:

She has also informed her followers that she has registered an FIR in Palam Vihar station, Gurgaon, and Jitender Yadav, a police official, has assured her that they will trace the driver. However as Nishtha hasn’t noted down the number of the auto, police will need to use CCTV footages to catch the driver.

We request our readers to be careful and alert and don’t forget to note down the number of the autorickshaw and cab which they board for their own safety.

More power to you Nishtha Paliwal and all other such who show courage to fight for them and deal with an odd situation rather than giving up which may lead to any mishap.

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