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Guy Asks A Girl Out With A Romantic Note, Gets A Classy Reply From Her Boyfriend


Guy Asks A Girl Out With A Romantic Note, Gets A Classy Reply From Her Boyfriend

We get to know about many things through Twitter, sometimes about sad or weird incidents and at other times, several lovely, beautiful and hilarious ones. In this article, we are going to share a very beautiful incident even though the ending is not quite happy; however, what here matters is the manner in which it all took place.

Danny from Long Beach, California, was attracted towards a girl and he decided to propose her with a Starbucks drink and a lovely note.

Here’s what the note read,

“You are one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.

Text me (Contact no.)

(Unless you have a boyfriend)

Hope you have a good day!


P.S. Not sure if you even like this drink but I couldn’t walk up to you in your class just to hand you a note :)”

Well, every girl loves to hear that and he also wrote his number and asked her to text him, provided that she didn’t have a boyfriend! True gentleman indeed!

Such beautiful proposal was bound to get a reply; nevertheless, it didn’t come from the girl but from her boyfriend and that guy seemed to be quite a gentleman with the way he responded.

The boyfriend wrote,

“Hello Daniel,

This is the boyfriend of the girl you gave a Starbucks drink today. I’m texting you to thank you for making her smile and being very classy about it. Adding that don’t text if you have a boyfriend part. Anyways we thought I should text u just so u know.”

We came to know about this incident as the lover boy Danny himself shared it on Twitter.

He posted the pics on Twitter with caption, “Walked into a class of 200 to give this to a girl and got this text I’m dead.”

Twitter loved the guy’s proposal as well as the boyfriend’s style of replying. Here are some selected tweets:









What you have to say about this wonderful proposal? Do let us know.

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